If you're wondering if you can really heal, you absolutely can

A huge indication of how strong and resourceful you are is that you survived your abuse. Considering how horrible abuse is, that's really saying something. 

And the effects of abuse are horrible too--the pain, the isolation, the self-loathing. And they're so awful that they seem HUGE. It may seem bigger than you are. But that only feels true.
I know. I was there. But my healing journey has allowed me to live not just joyfully, but powerfully--making an impact, which we're all meant to do. 

You can be prepared to face whatever challenges the healing journey brings

The course will help you switch your focus from short-term surviving to long-term healing and thriving. 

So challenge the condition abuse left you with. You're actually powerful. You're actually strong. 

If you're ready to learn how to start accessing that, I'm excited to show you how:

  • strategies and tools for dealing with your fear

  • creating a support plan for when you’re triggered or the pain seems too much

  • a new perspective on flashbacks, nightmares and haunting memories and how to use them as tools to heal

  • the reason why you resist facing the past and how to overcome the resistance

  • what progress actually looks like and seeing "setbacks" as normal, healthy and necessary

  • shifting focus onto your forward movement as a way to keep momentum


I’ve been sharing my own path of healing for 12 years and I’m more passionate now than ever.

My passion keeps growing because of how often I hear things like:

"Christina is a wonderful mentor who truly cares about those she works with and the outcome of their experience. She has been through it and understands in a way only other survivors truly can...Through her and her course I was given empowerment to keep pushing forward and a glimpse at what my life can become if I never give up on myself. I would do it over again in a heartbeat. Thank you Christina!"

"I never thought I would be in a place where I could face the past and it would honestly not be a devastating experience for me.  I don't know how I got here where I have peace and am free but you are helping me put this together. Now for the first time I in my life I would also like to help others as I am no longer devastated by past thoughts."

"The excercises have been a miracle.  I have never worked on my trauma and abuse like this.  Therapy never seemed to work.  Thank you. I am very grateful."

"I'm 44 years old. My life has been spent dealing with the incredible pain and loneliness caused by sexual abuse. I have not yet really lived and I desperately wish to do so. That is why I joined the course...Last night, it proved it's worth. My mind was racing with all sorts of anxious thoughts and doomsday scenarios of what would happen if my past abuse was known. My mind raced, I panicked and thought, 'Nobody can know,' 'Just shove it in and you'll survive,' along with many other thoughts. But then, in the midst of all that, I just kept going back to saying, 'You'll be okay. I'm here now. I can take care of you. We can make it.' I was able to calm myself and know that it would be okay. Before, the only thing I'd have done was run, hide, stuff it all back down, and lock the door. Survival mode. This time I had a real tool to use. A real way of dealing with the moment and not running from it. I actually welcomed it. 'Come on in. I can handle you now.' Amazing. Looking forward to moving on, learning more, and healing...really healing. Thank you!"

"The lessons have been helpful and I really do know now that in order to heal kindness to myself is the only way....I'm glad I pushed myself through all the fear. I feel proud of myself and that's a new feeling these days."

"I enjoyed studying with you. I just replayed and replayed your videos. This helps them to sink into my subconscious better.  I have noticed that the ones that I have to repeat even more are the ones that I need help in the most.  Thank you very much for all you do." 

Feel happier, freer, and more empowered using clear, simple, sustainable steps
​​​​​​​that will transform the way you approach your healing.

No Risk Guarantee

​​​​​​​I know this works because it's worked for me and I've heard so many wonderful results from survivors who have taken this course. But you're a unique individual so you may not experience the results you were looking for.

All I ask is that you put in the work. If you don't put in the work, I'll guarantee you won't see results.

​​​​​​​But if you invest yourself and you are not thrilled with this course, simply email me your completed lessons at the end of the course and I'll refund your money. 

I'm taking the risk for you--because I believe in this course and I believe in you!


7 lessons:

Just leaping onto the healing path with the mindset learned in the abusive system is the reason a lot of survivors quit.  These lessons will help you change that mindset to set you up for success.


Lesson 1

Staying Present + Engaged

Lesson 2

Overcoming Overwhelm

Lesson 3

Granting Permission

Lesson 4

Accepting the Keys

Lesson 5

Accepting Setbacks

Lesson 6

Celebrating Your Progress

Lesson 7

Making a Support Plan

Each lesson includes an action step to help you explore the beliefs that hold you back as well as offering you specific actions to move forward.

Success In Healing Online Course  

This course is available now as self-paced study. 

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  • 7 video lessons + actionable steps with unlimited, lifetime access
  • Downloadable book/workbook you can type into or print out

  • $50 off for when you want to go deeper in your healing you get your choice: Accelerate Your Healing Journey Course.

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